Tooth seal

nano Silver Fluoride

A year’s worth of dental cavity prophylaxis in nanoparticle form.

About Expiration

After some months (~6 months refrigerated), the components in the seal may break down. At this point, it will go from a thin yellow to dark greenish grey. Always test your seal before using and throw it away if it has gone bad.

Project Overview

StatusComplete! ???? ???? ????
Getting itFull instructions for production and application here (Last updated Feb 2024)
Cost$100 – $200 to seal approximately 500 – 1000 teeth. Don’t have that many teeth? Throw a DIY dentistry party and invite your friends!
What to expectTooth decay will slow and come to a halt. Your mouth will feel cleaner between brushings. The nano particles are not visible but you will know that you’re one of the cool kids.

Nano Silver Fluoride (NSF)

Nano silver particles have the ability to remineralize enamel, in adult and children’s teeth [yes also “baby teeth” aka “milk teeth”] even at a low concentration. It is bactericidal to a wide range of organisms like Streptococcus mutans, Enterococcus faecalis, and Escherichia coli. It has anti-biofilm properties as well.


ANTI-BACTERIAL – Silver ions in solution are toxic to bacterial cells, and are especially effective against acid-producing bacteria, like S. mutans, the bug that causes dental caries (cavities), so it mechanically kills the infection already there.

PREVENTS BIOFILM FORMATION – A two-drop treatment lasts about a year, and during that time prevents new bacteria from colonizing the tooth surface, e.g. prophylaxis against new infections. This preventative strategy does not select for a population, so it doesn’t create drug-resistant bacteria! (phew!)

REMINERALIZATION – Nano Silver Fluoride not only
prevents further decay of the dentin, it can actually help to rebuild and recover from damage that has already occured.

So, how do I use this inexpensive, completely safe, super-effective treatment???

Think of the nanoparticle solution like a shield. Two drops per tooth will create a concentration of silver that adheres to the surface of the tooth and can provide lasting protection for about a year…and is MORE effective at caries prevention than fluoride treatments alone.


Full preparation and application instructions are available here.


This is a critical step as you do not want any particles of trapped food to prevent the solution from making contact with the tooth surface.

To prepare the tooth, first brush your teeth, then floss. Because the solution is itself anti-bacterial, it is not required to rinse with antiseptic mouthwash, or to debride the tooth surface any further.


Moisture will prevent the Tooth Seal from bonding properly with the tooth. Dry the tooth using cotton balls or paper towels. Place dry cotton balls or paper towels between the cheek and gum to keep the cheek away from the tooth, and to soak up any saliva being produced.
Keep saliva away from the tooth during the process.


Two drops placed on a cavity or on a tooth you’d like to protect, creates a concentration of encapsulated silver that adheres to the surface of the tooth and provides protection for about a year. If you use a cotton swab to apply, add one additional drop to account for what gets absorbed by the swab.

The solution should be left in contact with the tooth surface for 2 minutes.
• Do not lick your teeth during that time.
• Don’t eat or drink for 2 hours after application.
If necessary, repeat the process in 12 months.

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