Project Overview

StatusLatest release is v0.5.1 – built Dec 12, 2023
Getting InvolvedMake your own (requires basic tech savvy)
Develop the Microlab (requires electronics, software, CAD, or fiber arts design skills)
– Develop recipes (requires replication and chemistry skills)
Cost$300 – $500 depending on desired features, your skills, and implementation decisions. See the parts list for more details.
What to expectAfter ordering parts and assembling the contraption, you will have a functional (if rudimentary) controlled lab reactor (CLR). For more about this, check out our documentation.

An open source jacketed lab reactor made from off-the-shelf components you can buy online.

Pull the code and start your journey.

Get the hardware for precise DIY chemistry.

Get the disk image to build yours. Current version: 0.5.1

Please Seed!

NOTE: the production image has drivers installed for a goodtft 3.5″ LCD display. If you have a different display or want to use an external monitor, you will need to download the development image and install appropriate drivers.