Right to Repair–for Your Body.

The Four Thieves Vinegar Collective is an anarchist collective dedicated to enabling access to medicines and medical technologies to those who need them but don’t have them.

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Microlab Suite

The v0.5 beta Microlab in late 2023

The MicroLab is a DIY automated chemical reactor that you can assemble with commonly available hardware. The MicroLab works together with a suite of apps to guide the discovery and production of lifesaving drugs.


A DIY Controlled Lab Reactor for small molecule organic chemistry


A reverse synthesis tool to discover novel reaction pathways


A drag-and-drop tool for writing Microlab “recipes” – accessed through Vinni


A virtual research assistant that ties the software suite together (early alpha)

Emergency Suite

In an emergency where every second counts, there are a few things to have on hand. These include medicines like epinephrine, devices like defibrillators, and off-the-shelf products like sports oxygen.

The Emergency Room Suite is a collection of lifesaving technologies that can save your life or buy time for an ambulance to arrive.

Make your own Emergency Room.

(In Development)
Sports O2

Abortion Care

Tooth Seal

Make a cavity-repairing solution of Nanoparticle Silver Fluoride at home. Use it to stop a cavity in progress or apply it ahead of time and bolster your enamel with anti-microbial silver particles. The treatment is simple, cheap, and effective.