Matter Shaper needed to create and modify objects

Join Us!

The Four Thieves Vinegar Collective is seeking matter shapers to create new objects and modify existing objects. All methods are welcome, including (but not limited to) verbal incantation, telekinesis, CAD, 3D printing, whittling, naming, and positive thinking.

Contact us:

The ideal candidate may have zero or more of the following:

  • The ability to will matter into being simply by thinking about it. This is not required, but it would be very helpful. Please get in touch if this is you.
  • Experience with TLA’s: DIY, FDM, SLS, LSD, CBT, ABS, or PLA. Please no KEK or MLM (either kind).
  • Knowledge of shaping magic or CAD software.
  • Enough matter for your own body. Incorporeal entities are welcome, but all volunteers who require a body must provide their own. We simply do not have enough matter to provide everyone with bodies.
  • The belief that we can build fully-automated luxury queer space anarchism here on earth. Apprentice, Journeyfolk, and Master Builders from Cloud Cuckoo Land with direct experience in this are especially welcome.

If you meet zero or more of the above criteria, we want to hear from you! Send an email to and tell us who you are and how you might be able to contribute. Let’s make the things we want to see in the world.